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    Art nouveau villa, Spa Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia - 24+1

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    Art nouveau villa, Spa Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia - 24+1

    Address: Šrobárova 1023/22 , Trenčianske Teplice

    Ref. number400174
    Living area620
    Total area620
    Living room
    Price620 000 Eur
    available fromimmediately
     generate PDFArt nouveau villa, Spa Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia

    Contact personMgA. Viktoria DudováProfessionals, s.r.o.
    V Celnici 1031/4
    110 00 Praha 1
    T:+420 777 308 382

    DescriptionVilla built in historicism located in the heart of the popular spa town Trencianske Teplice , which was built in the year 1905 was partially reconstructed.Possibilities intended use makes this an exceptional property in terms of investment options very interesting. There are a total of 20 rooms, of which 15 rooms including social facilities. It offers the possibility of expansion and utilization of attic space. The villa can be used as a hotel or divided into residential units.Renowned spa town of Trencianske Teplice is famous for mineral springs that emanate here in beautiful and pure nature. It lies in a picturesque and quiet valley, surrounded by woods Strazovske vrchoviny. Spa Trencianske Teplice known for its thermal springs, sulfur dichloride with a temperature of 37-42 ° C. Some emanate directly in pools. The water temperature allows its use in baths without cooling or heating. Sources are used mainly for spa treatment musculoskeletal system and reumatics. Staying in the spa town of Trencianske Teplice can diversify walks in the park, miniature golf, tennis. In the vicinity there are many suitable targets for walking and a lot of interesting places that are worth seeing. The romantic surroundings and the enchanting spa environment Trencianske Teplice offers spa guests peace and tranquility.

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