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    Quo Vadis Immobilier


    On Tuesday June 17 an expert meeting called Quo Vadis Immobilier was held under the auspice of French-Czech Chamber of Commerce. This meeting was a continuation of first Quo Vadis meeting with a topic: Prospects of Czech economy and strategy of CNB which took place in January.


    The new theme was real estate, specifically medium-term perspectives of the real estate market in the Czech Republic and Prague. The speeches were delivered by Mr. Tomáš Pardubický (Finep), Petr Palička (Penta) and Jan Borůvka (ARK CR). The speeches and discussion were devoted to starting points, expectations, challenges and risks associated with new developments in the field of real estate (office space, residential, services and financing).


    The meeting was moderated by Mr. Tomáš Duda from Professionals and by Peter Palečka from KB.


    Next Quo Vadis meeting with new topic will most likely take place in autumn this year.

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