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Legal responsibility

Pursuant to Section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act, you are hereby informed that in case any dispute arises between you as a consumer and us as an intermediary, you have a right to have the dispute resolved out-of-court. Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, provides that you are entitled to file a motion for out-of-court settlement (Alternative Dispute Resolution) with the Czech Inspection Authority (ČOI). For detailed information on alternative dispute resolution see the website of the Czech Inspection Authority; on this website, there is available a form used for commencing alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Consumers are also welcome to address requests for advice as to their consumer rights to the organization dTest, o.p.s.

In accordance with the Civil Code, limitation or lapse periods will not run during alternative dispute resolution proceedings, until one of the parties to the dispute refuses to continue in the dispute.

Supervision over compliance with obligations under Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, as amended, is conducted by the Czech Inspection Authority (

In accordance with the Act on Certain Information Society Services (Act No. 480/2004 Coll., as amended), offers of real estate are sent by electronic mail in form of commercial communication in the sense of the above Act. Where PROFESSIONALS s.r.o. obtains contact data (email address and telephone number) from visitors to these websites in connection with demand for real estate (sale or lease), or in case visitors are interested in becoming a member of the team of PROFESSIONALS s.r.o., or visitors wish to be sent information and news with respect to the real estate on offer,  the company in such cases has a right to use visitors’ email addresses and telephone numbers for distributing commercial communication related to the company’s own products and services. Upon provision of personal data, visitors may refuse to give consent to be sent commercial communication. The addressee has an option to inform PROFESSIONALS s.r.o. that he/she no longer wants to receive any commercial communication. This statement can be sent to the electronic address of PROFESSIONALS s.r.o.**** or to ******, without any costs arising on the addressee.

As a visitor to this website //, by checking the box I agree that the personal data provided by me may be processed and retained by  PROFESSIONALS s.r.o. in conformity with the Act on Personal Data Protection (Act No. 101/2000 Coll.) for the purpose of offer/demand as to sale (lease) of real estate. I acknowledge that I have a right to be informed of the data PROFESSIONALS s.r.o. maintains about me and I may change these data, or, as the case may be, I may express in writing my disagreement with processing thereof. Supervision over the protection of personal data is conducted by the Office of Personal Data Protection (ÚOOÚ). PROFESSIONALS s.r.o. undertakes not to provide personal data to any third entities, apart from its contractual partners.

Information published on these websites in form of articles, advertisements etc. may be copied only for personal needs of visitors to the websites and must not be disclosed any further without prior written consent of PROFESSIONALS s.r.o.  The content of the websites is protected under the Copyright Act (Act No. 121/2000 Coll., as amended), the Act on Trademarks (Act No. 213/1995 Coll., as amended) and other legislation.  

Although the websites are continuously updated, PROFESSIONALS s.r.o. reserves the right not to be liable for damage, if any, caused by incomplete or incorrect information published on these websites.