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    Storages BIG BOX
    Hall C

    Ref. number:306960
    Building type:Warehouse park
    Offer for:Rent
    Address:Ve žlíbku 1800/77
    City:Praha 9 - Horní Počernice
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    Building descriptionBig Box is the complex of storage areas and logistic center. The building C offers office spaces with an area of 216 sqm. Offices are completely renovated. Parking in front of the building.

    LocationBig Box Center is located in Horni Pocernice and is easily available not only with a car from highways D11 and R10, but also by train and a bus. Metro B-Cerny Most station is located cca 5000m far from Basil. Bus station Xaverov, line 222, is located behind the entrance to the area. Another bus lines has their stations 200-800m behind the entrance. Railway stations are located far cca 5 minutes by bus.

    Praha 9 - Horní Počernice

    Storages BIG BOX


    Contact person

    Ing. Petr Mrázek

    Petr MrázekProfessionals, s.r.o.
    V Celnici 1031/4
    110 00 Praha 1
    T:+420 775 308 012

    Basic specifications Secured area Cantine New goods elevators Non-stop technical support on site Venkovní parkovánísurface parking

    Building parameters Totalavailable
    Overground floorscount2 
    Underground floorscount0 
    Store's spacesm22500
    Unit area fromm2 216
    available from  immediately

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