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    Residential development of family homes - Pudlák

    Ref. number:312066
    Use:Land plot / Project
    Building type:
    Offer for:Sale
    Address:U Koupaliště
     generate PDFResidential development of family homes - Pudlák

    Building descriptionThis 31.422 m2 land with a residential development project for the construction of 32 row houses and 14 individual houses plans to create a home for many families who desire to live close to the city and still enjoy the comfort of rural house with its own land and parking. The final form of the project will be given by a complete reconstruction of the premises of the former swimming pool complex Pudlák. Issued a building permit for the construction of family houses and zoning permit for the construction of an apartment building.

    LocationThe Újezdeček town is connected to the urban district Řetenice - Teplice offering excellent transport links to the city, both by car and regular bus lines. Locality itself and the surrounding area offer an abundance of greenery, forests and water areas (Barbora). Surroundings prompt to traveling around the picturesque Czech Central Highlands or the Ore Mountains. Residential complex Pudlák is a unique place for a peaceful living in the countryside within reach of the city.


    Residential development of family homes - Pudlák

    Contact person

    Mgr. Petr Kozojed

    Petr KozojedProfessionals, s.r.o.
    V Celnici 1031/4
    110 00 Praha 1
    T:+420 730 155 120

    Basic specifications

    Building parameters Totalavailable
    Overground floorscount0 
    Underground floorscount0 
    Unit area fromm2 0
    available from  immediately

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