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    Kavčí Hory Office Park

    Ref. number:188013
    Building type:Office building
    Offer for:Rent
    Address:Na Hřebenech II 1718/8
    City:Praha 4 - Nusle
     generate PDFKavčí Hory Office Park

    Building descriptionThe building has a spinal system. The connective tract interconnects four perpendicularly attached wings. The east wing dominates with eleven floors, and the other three wings descending to the west each have six floor. The floor plan of the building allows for up to 6.500 sqm per standard floor. Two separate receptions allow the building to function as two independent parts. Parking, archives and technical equipment will be located in the underground floor.This composition provides maximum flexibility of each floor and allows for 17 individual rentable units.

    LocationThe commercial development Kavci Hory Office Park, is located near the intersection of Pujmanové and Na Hrebenech II. The south part of the property borders Central park, an area on the southern and western part of Kavčí Hory and characterized gy extensive greenery. Due to the slope of the land, the area opens up to provide a direct view of the Prague Castle, Vyšehrad and Vltava valley. Excellent transport accessibility: metro station 5 minutes, bus stops 1 minute, D1 highway 2 minutes, city centre 8 minutes, airport 30 minutes.

    Praha 4 - Nusle

    Kavčí Hory Office Park


    Contact person

    Ing. Petr Mrázek

    Petr MrázekProfessionals, s.r.o.
    V Celnici 1031/4
    110 00 Praha 1
    T:+420 775 308 012

    Basic specifications 24 -hour security service, reception service 2 representative entrance lobbies Restaurant within the building 5 minutes walk from Arkady Pankrac Easy access to city centre Nearby connection to D1 and city circle 5 minutes from metro station Pankrác External and internal sun-blinds 355 underground parking spaces 355 underground parking spaces

    Building parameters Totalavailable
    Overground floorscount12 
    Underground floorscount2 
    Officesm233 190372
    Commercial spacesm23500
    Store's spacesm24 0000
    Underground parkingcount700355
    Unit area fromm2 372
    available from  immediately

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