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    Art Nouveau residence for commercial use

    Ref. number:303366
    Building type:Historical building
    Offer for:Sale
    Address:Šrobárova 1023/22
    City:Trenčianské Teplice
     generate PDFArt Nouveau residence for commercial use

    Building descriptionHistoricist villa located in the heart of the popular spa town Trencianske Teplice, which was built in the year 1905 was partially reconstructed. Possibilities intended use makes this an exceptional property in terms of investment options very interesting. There are a total of 20 rooms, of which 15 rooms including social facilities. It offers the possibility of expansion and utilization of attic space. The villa can be used as a hotel or divided into residential units.

    LocationBad Trenčianske Teplice, belongs among the oldest and the most sought-after spas in Slovakia. This is mainly due to its excellent natural sulphur thermal water and its romantic setting. Spa care at Kúpele Trenčianske Teplice has many years of tradition (the first written record was in 1247) and is based above all on the use of natural, mineral, sulphur, thermal and healing water.Currently a wide range of methods from the areas of rehabilitation and physiotherapy are used in addition to the therapeutic water.

    Trenčianské Teplice

    Art Nouveau residence for commercial use


    Contact person

    MgA. Viktoria Dudová

    Viktoria DudováProfessionals, s.r.o.
    V Celnici 1031/4
    110 00 Praha 1
    T:+420 777 308 382

    Basic specifications All civic amenities in the surrounding

    Building parameters Totalavailable
    Overground floorscount3 
    Underground floorscount1 
    Unit area fromm2 620
    available from  immediately

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