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    We managed to sell the land for housing in Řež


    In July, we successfully sold a lucrative land with total area of ​​9,480 square meters in the village Řež in the district of Prague East. It was a transaction in the millions of crowns. Land was owned by the Nuclear Research Institute (NRI Řež, Inc.). The new owner of the land is a private investor. In the coming years there will be built residential complex, including services for future residents.


    The land is located directly in the village, outside the flood zone. There are all utilities available on the grounds. The village Řež lies in a valley of the Vltava river, less than twelve kilometers north of the capital. Location of the village provides very fast and convenient access to the city center by highway D8.


    The transaction was done due to excellent characteristics and location of the land within a short time of one month. The sell was realized by Senior Business Consultant Ing. Petr Mrázek.


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