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    Based on available Prague office market data for 2013/Q3, the largest transaction of 2013/Q3 was closed by Professionals s. r. o., an alliance member of BNP Paribas Real Estate.


    The largest transaction was a renegotiation of 6,277 m² in Avenir Business Park for IT company SAP in Prague 5. For comparison, the second largest transaction was registered in the office building Balabenka (3,424 m²) for CSOB bank in Prague 9 followed by renegotiation in City Empiria building (2,650 m²) for IT company Infor in Prague 4.


    Professionals s. r. o. represented the Avenir Business Park which is managed by SachsenFonds Asset Management Czech.


    SAP AG is a German multinational software corporation, leader in the software applications market and software-related services with regional offices located all over the world.


    “This transaction was a particular expansion and the leased area was extended by another 729 m² hence the total area leased came to 7 006 m²”, says Petr Černovský, Associate Director of Professionals, who led the new contract.“This lease deal is a proof that Avenir Business Park is a quality building in terms of high technical standards, flexibility of office units, low operational costs and easy transportation access. Avenir Business Park is fully occupied and is very positively evaluated by its tenants also thanks to very effective and experienced landlord management team”, explains Petr Černovský.


    In total, this deal with its volume of 7 006 m2 has been ranked the 4th largest transaction on the Prague office market since the beginning of this year.



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