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    Office with size 40 m² in modern office building is no more problem


    New office building of category A is now being completed in Prague Smíchov. It would be nothing so special if it was not a project offering smaller office spaces from 40 . In modern office buildings the standard unit size starts from 200 .


    River Office House Building is located on the Vltava river bank in Strakonická street. The building will welcome its first tenants in November this year. They can look forward to quality space at high standard. "The interest in smaller office units is high on the market, but clients can choose only from units in older buildings of lower categories so far and the offer is limited.", explains Petra Holcová Commercial Property Consultant from Professionals.


    There is more than 30% occupancy right now. With high probability most of the units will have its tenants till the official opening of the building. Those interested in these offices spaces should not wait. There will be no similar project built in Prague in the near future.

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