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    The management team of TPK, spol. s r.o. / french group Soparind Bongrain (products: Camembert Coeur de Lion, Apetito, Javor, Král sýrů, Lučina, Pribináček) was willing to consolidate their activities, at that time spread over all Czech Republic, in a new headquarter located in Prague. The project was under time pressure with only 9 weeks left to finalize the negotiations, prepare both a project and a tender for fit out works and to ensure timely realization.


    Our Solution

    After advising the client during the negotiations with the landlord of BB Centrum Beta, Prague 4, Professionals worked on the optimization of the space plan, prepared and supervised a tender for a fit-out provider. After analysing three offers from a technical, operational and financial point of view we achieved a final offer ensuring savings and quality to TPK, spol. s r.o. / group Soparind Bongrain.


    The Results

    The weekly follow up of the on-site secured the obtaining of a qualitative result respecting the short deadlines imposed by the project: 1 200 sqm of office spaces to realize in less than 6 weeks. The supplier delivered high standard office space and disregarding the time pressure was able to provide the design of the premises too. On top of it the interior has been built for two-thirds of the average market price.


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    Senior Consultant



    M: +420 731 175 844


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