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    Beneš furniture in new retail unit in Českomoravská street


    Beneš Furniture company became a new tenant in retail unit in Českomoravská street. The building is owned by OFT INVEST. We closely cooperate with OFT INVEST in terms of securing tenants for their buildings in Prague on a long term basis. We are therefore very pleased that we could welcome Beneš Furniture in Českomoravská street.


    "This is a ground floor unit with street windows and size of 130 m². Beneš Furniture company has been looking for a space for its new showroom, which would be large enough and easily accessible for customers.", says Hana Benešová from Professionals. Possibility of easy handling during delivery and installation of furniture was also a condition. In addition to this, only minimum building adjustments must have been done in order to open a furniture showroom here. "Selected location for the new tenant is very convenient, because there are many other interior equipment stores and shops such as bathroom studios, design studios, security doors and much more in this part of Prague 9.", added Hana Benešová from Professionals


    Beneš Furniture Company has been present on Czech market since 1991 and focuses primarily on the production of kitchens and wardrobes. In addition to the showroom in Českomoravská street, the company runs two more showrooms in Ceske Budejovice and Pruhonice.




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