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    An independent real estate agency, PROFESSIONALS provides a compact set of professional services aiming at both commercial property and residential property. Established in 1993, we provide a wide range of complex services to owners and developers as well as occupants of any type of commercial property. Among our clients are included major multi-national development companies, investment funds and international companies, but extensively also local owners, landlords, developers and occupiers.


    Our priority concern being the commercial property sector, we specialize in the sale and lease of offices, warehouses and logictics and retail units or shopping centers. Aiming at a long term profitability of properties, our comprehensive services for landlords include seeking out quality tenants, lease negotiation, management of existing leases and property management. For tenants, the comprehensive service includes not only sourcing out and optimizing the use of required business premises, but also assisting negotiations and re-negotiations and improvement of existing leases and services. To investors and developers we provide assistance in all aspects of commercial property acquisition, development and disposal.


    Our Market Research Department produces regular analyses and reports on the latest trends and developments within the Czech commercial property market. Integral part of our Market Research Department service is also providing our clients with tailored analyses and reports fitting their specific objectives.


    All the services provided by PROFESSIONALS are designed to maximize the effectiveness of commercial property value and deploy almost two decades of experience and commitment to the satisfaction of both occupants and investment groups.






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